Wine for all your occasions

It is always a pleasant experience to kickback on a weekend and pour yourself a glass of wine while you relax after a long week. Whether it’s while reading a book or watching your favourite TV show, or sharing a glass with your family or significant other, enjoying a glass of wine can be very relaxing and cathartic. However, wine is very versatile and it pairs very well with so many dishes and is the perfect gift for many occasions. Here’s a few tips on how to select a wine for the many occasions of life.

1. A dinner with red meat

If the occasion calls for steak or red meat, it is generally great to pair this type of a dinner with Bordeaux. A delicious red wine will compliment the taste of the meat while cutting the fatty taste. What’s more? With a Bordeaux you’ll get the savouriness and earthiness of a cabernet sauvignon with the slight softness of a merlot blended in.

2. Buying a bottle as a present

Buying a bottle of wine can be tricky when it’s for someone else, especially if you don’t know what their preference is. In times like this, it is always safer to go for Pinot noir. Everyone is comfortable with it; it is well known and the taste of it is more general as opposed to a Sauvignon Blanc or a Rosé.

3. Drinking on your own time

We all love to have a glass of wine on our own and enjoy a relaxing drink. Sometimes there is no better company than your own and it’s always nice to celebrate that. At times like this, the world is your oyster. Just pick whatever you fancy and give it a go. The more varieties you try out, the more your palette will adjust and you will find the perfect wine that suits you.