The Perfect Food Partner for your Beer

The Perfect Food Partner for your Beer

Usually when you ask someone what beverage you should pair with a dish, it would almost always involve a discussion about which type of wine would suit your dish. However, times have changed and beer has silently entered the topic of this conversation as well. While it may sound strange, food pairing with beer is a legitimate topic and while BBQ and a beer is the staple combination, it can actually go further depending on the type of beer that you are having. Here are a few combinations that you could try out!

1. Lager

Lager beer is a very popular brew that is drunk worldwide. For lager beer, the best pairings go with shellfish, grilled meat, southeast Asian food, Mexican food and spicy. So, if you have prepared yourself some spicy Sri Lankan bites like a black pork curry or some devilled prawns, Lager will be your best pairing.

2. Pilsner Beer

Pilsner Beer such as Carlsberg have a lighter taste and is a great choice for the summer. It goes great with different types of cheese, light seafood such as salmon or tuna, Asian food and spicy food. This type of beer is great to go with your favourites such as Hot Butter Cuttlefish or even a basic cheese platter.

3. Stout Beer

Stout Beer is known to have a stronger taste than the rest with a roasted and slightly bitter taste while also having high malt flavours. Brands like Lion Stout would go great roasted foods, barbecues, rich stews and braised dishes. The taste of the stout compliments these types of food making it an amazing combination.